Solar Energy Measurement


FRIMS - Field Reference Irradiance Measurement System

Portable solar irradiance reference system for field validation and calibration of solar measurement stations. Built from the experience of numerous field validations worldwide since 2006 with the highest quality components from Campbell Scientific, Inc., Kipp & Zonen, Eppley Labs, EKO, Hukseflux and others, we can build one for you . . . or hire us to validate/calibrate your existing systems.

RSR2 - Rotating Shadow Band Radiometer System 

Complete solar measurement systems for reliable, accurate and low cost measurement of direct beam, diffuse and total horizontal broadband solar irradiance. Irradiance, Inc.

DQMS - Data Quality Management Software 

Data collection and quality assessment in solar measurement networks,.originally developed for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Solar Radiation Research Laboratory


Active and completed projects