Product Manuals & Brochures

Here are some helpful documents to use with your RSR system. Most downloads are available in PDF form.
*Listed items that are not linked to files can be requested via email.

RSR Materials

RSR Brochure
Two-page summary of the RSR system and operation principles.

*RSR Product Manual

*RSR Installation Manual

*RSR Wiring Manual

*Wiring Diagram
General wiring diagram for CR800 and CR1000, works with the installed ACI datalogger program. If your site has been specially customized, check with us before making wiring changes!

*Site Placement Diagram
Placement and dimensions for a site with RSR and wind pole.

DQMS Software

Trial software and other materials can be found from the DQMS website.

Application Notes

App Note 1
Set up Raven XT and SIM chip provisioning for GPRS Communication (server calls to datalogger)

App Note 2
Irradiance MC‐2 Motor Controller Test

App Note 3
Set up Raven XT and SIM chip provisioning for GPRS Communication (datalogger calls-back to server)

App Note 4
Install datalogger's RSR2 program suite

App Note 5
Calibration of RSR2 System

*App Note 6
Configure datalogger program to send emails

*App Note 7
RSR System Placement

App Note 8
Vaisala WXT520 10m Pole Mount

App Note 9
Vaisala WXT520 Measurements Configuration

*App Note 10
Field Calibration of Operating Data Loggers

*App Note 11
Field Validation of RSR2 Broadband Outputs

App Note 12
Datalogger Output Data Table and Field Definitions for RSR2 R2 Version Code